Dear photographers

Your Club is pleased to invite you to an outing on Saturday 20 or Sunday 21 October for a photo cruise on the Rhone, between the Quai des Moulins des Iles and the Verbois dam.

“The banks of the Rhône”

Duration: 2:45

This cruise of almost three hours will show you a beautiful part of the river, and you will discover the banks where wild birds and various animals nest.
The autumn colors will also be magnificient!
Going from Geneva to Verbois and back, you can admire the Geneva countryside and some of its rural villages.
We will meet at 13h.45 at the Quai des Moulins, departure from Geneva around 14.00, arriving at Verbois at 15.30

Return from Verbois 15.45, arriving in Geneva at 17.05

Hope to see you there!