Club Photo International (CPI) is the official photo club of the United Nations Office at Geneva. It was founded in March 2006.


CPI’s goal is to improve the skills of its members while having fun!


To become a member, you must be a current or retired staff member of the UN Office at Geneva or any of its specialized agencies. Staff of accredited NGOs and permanent missions, interns at the UN, accredited journalists and UN staff family members are also accepted.


The club is open to photo enthusiasts at all levels — from beginners to nearly professional.


You can contact us at cpigeneva@gmail.com.


The membership annual fee is 50 Swiss francs. To make a registration request please fill out the online form.



Sergio da Silva
“A picture is worth a thousand words”
I often thought about the interpretation of this quotation. Today, I know that, as with text, we can also share our emotions through photographs or other media and that its interpretation varies from person to person. Telling a story using a new approach or perspective is always a stimulating challenge and I will always be enthusiastic about its study and implementation.
It was in 1980 that my interested in photography started and since then, I have held exhibitions in Switzerland, France, Belgium, Russia,Japan and Brazil.
I am the author of the book “Water, Mirror of the World” and co-founder and president of CPI.
Heather Wicks (Honorary member)
I am a co-founder and treasurer of CPI. My love of photography goes back many years – I first used a camera at age 11 on a school trip. I have travelled all over the world and enjoyed capturing the culture and essence of each country through images of the people and landscapes.
Whether I’m taking photos of wildlife, people or nature, or looking for that interesting artistic shot, I’ve always got my camera ready! Through CPI, I have been inspired and stimulated to improve my skills and become more creative. I am constantly learning to demonstrate the expression of life through photography.
Suroor Alikhan
When I was 12, my father, an avid photographer, bought me a Soviet-made camera that used black and white film.
Over the years, I graduated to colour and only in the last few years to digital. I love the flexibility of digital cameras and the fact that you can see immediately what you’ve photographed. I enjoy taking pictures of landscapes and dream of being a wildlife photographer. I also love reflections and distortions, and have been seen obsessively taking pictures of puddles and reflections in windows! I’m the secretary of the club.
Fabien Dumesnil
J’ai eu le déclic pour la photo numérique il y a quelques années, à l’occasion d’un voyage aux Caraïbes.
Après avoir joué avec la balance des blancs du vieil appareil photo compact que j’avais amené, j’ai réalisé tout le potentiel créatif et passionnant qui s’ouvrait devant moi. Depuis j’explore sans retenue les approches, les techniques de prises de vue… jusqu’à devenir le webmaster du site du club.
J’apprécie la simplicité avec laquelle les photographes, amateur comme professionnel, aiment partager leurs expériences et leur savoir-faire. Le CPI est un moyen formidable pour rassembler des amateurs aux parcours photographiques extrêmement divers et riches d’enseignement pour tous.
Georges Emmenegger
C’est vers l’âge de 15 ans, pendant mes études, qu’un ami qui faisait de la photo m’a implanté le virus. J’ai travaillé pendant mes vacances d’étude et j’ai acquis mon premier appareil reflex, un MINOLTA SRT 101.
Plus tard, j’ai parcouru beaucoup de kilomètres sur la côte et dans les Andes péruviennes et boliviennes visitant, photographiant et filmant les sites archéologiques connus et moins connus. J’ai encore beaucoup à apprendre, et le Club de photo, par ses activités, y contribue énormément. Mais rien ne vaut la pratique… J’ai lu quelque part que quelqu’un qui demandait ce qui fait la différence entre un photographe et un BON photographe est que le bon photographe à toujours son appareil photo avec lui… Je m’occupe en particulier des sorties du club.

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