A photographer that inspires me


Our next session will take place on Thursday 5 April from 6.30 p.m. to 8 p.m. in Sarah’s classroom, Bocage Annex 2, office 101.

The theme is “a photographer that inspires me”.

Participants are requested to prepare a short presentation (10 to 15 minutes -Powerpoint on a memory key, for example) with examples of the photographer’s work.

Be ready to say why you admire them.


Please let Fabien/Sarah know beforehand if you are coming and which photographer you will present so that we can schedule the presentations.

Hopefully, if we have enough participants and presentations this will run into a second session (date to be fixed).

CPI Session – The summer is over!


The summer is over!

Yes indeed, for our photo club it’s also time to get back to work! To get this new season off to a good start, we invite you to a session on taking indoor photos on Wednesday 13 September at the Museum of the Swiss abroad, situated in the grounds of the Château de Penthes (Ch. de l’Impératrice 18, Pregny-Chambésy, – opposite the American Embassy – on-site parking available).

Chateau de Penthes – Geneva

We will meet at 5.45 p.m. for a few outdoor photos then visit the Museum and focus on indoor subjects.

And these are the challenges we will have to overcome: lighting, white balance, flash photography (pros and cons), reflections in glass show cases, length of exposure, etc…

Come with your camera, flash and tripod… We will bring some other useful accessories…

The Museum closes to the public at 5.30 p.m. so we will have the privilege of a private visit until about 7/7.30 p.m. We would like to express our gratitude to the management of the Museum for making this possible.

A contribution of 8 CHF is requested from each participant and should be paid to Georges before the visit.

We look forward to seeing you again!

La danse


La danse offre un langage corporel illimité et très riche en séquences de mouvements. Comment photographier ces mouvements est le défi et le thème d’une session extraordinaire du Club Photo International.

Les membres du club auront la possibilité de photographier une répétition d’un cours de danse donné par Rafaela Tanner (danseuse, chorégraphe et artiste peintre) ä Genève, au Petit-Lancy, rue Fief de chapitre, 9A (à côté du restaurant le Curling) le samedi 25 mars 2017 de 14 à 16 heures.

How photography has evolved through social media!



Informal discussion on the role of photography in social media.

This session will be held on the shores of Lake Léman in a room at the restaurant Lacustre in Bellevue.

We will also have the possibility to visit the photo exhibition from Céline Jentzsch in the restaurant’s yourte.

Photography … Differently!


Next CPI Session: Tuesday, January 31, 2017 at 6 pm. Office of Véronique Magnin n ° A2-20, Annexe Bocage.


Today thousands of photos circulate everywhere. So how can you set yours apart, innovate, find that little “something” that will make the difference?

We offer some ideas for taking pictures “differently”. The main subject will be the night time photography and the session will be animated by Georges, who will present first a dozen photos as examples then we will move on to some practical exercises.

The session is not meant to be restrictive. Any questions, ideas or suggestions will also be dealt with. So bring your equipment, this will allow you to practise too!

Looking forward to seeing you next Tuesday

Your Committee


Looking at Modern Architecture


For the first session of the CPI after the summer holidays, we will look at the the architecture of a city that is constantly modernising and never ceases to surprise – Geneva.12photoclub

The Sécheron station has become an essential element of our neighbourhood, which is being transformed. It offers unusual perspectives because of its architecture and its position among a set of buildings that are very varied in style. 1photoclub

Come and join us on Tuesday, 13 September 2016 at 18:00 at the entrance of the station, next to WMO and in front of the Jardin Botanique on the avenue de la Paix.

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