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  • jisachsen
    #1 written by jisachsen 7 years ago

    I may have missed some important information, but if members want to contribute more photos to the website gallery, etc. – is there any way to do so here at the site?


    • Fabien
      #2 written by Fabien 7 years ago

      Hi Jan,

      There will be very soon a facility to upload your photos right from the website’s dashboard. I need to fine tune the worflow with Sergio, but technically, everything is ready.

      However these two ‘by Member’ galleries that you saw are a different experiment. Few days ago, one member suggested we could have the same photos already in the thematic galleries (portrait, B&W…), being also displayed by member. The idea was to easily see one’s work in a dedicated page. I found the idea interesting, provided it would not require to manually move/copy each photo to each member’s page (and do it again every time a new photo is submitted). I quickly found a quite elegant solution which doesn’t require a lot of work. I just need now to make sure each photo has a photographer’s name attached.

      In addition, I thought these ‘by Member’ gallery pages could be the perfect place to tell a bit more about ourself. They could be our members’ profile pages. That’s what I started to do on my draft one, just to give it a try. Basically each of us could share in few words about his profile as a photographer.

      What do you think?

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