Suroor Alikhan

  • Jan Isachsen
    #1 written by Jan Isachsen 6 years ago

    Suroor, I love looking at the pictures on your page. As the club has very little of the members coming together, sharing photos and being inspired by each others’ work – this may very well be the place (website) to start. You photo of the woman with a hand in front of her mouth is just wonderful!

    • Suroor
      #2 written by Suroor 6 years ago

      Thanks, Jan! The woman is my nanny, who’s been around since I was three weeks old and is really like a second mother to me.

      It’s nice to see members–mostly one so far!!–using the website.

  • Ernesto
    #3 written by Ernesto 6 years ago

    I’m agree with Jan and also I like the composition and color of “Georges behind glass”

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